Health & Wellness Benefits

Immuno Sweet (IS) and Sweet Smart (S²) both contain fruits and vegetables (Apples, Carrots and Artichokes or Plums, Carrots and Chicory Root) that contribute antioxidants, while the spices Cinnamon and Turmeric bring anti-inflammatory compounds. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatories have shown the ability to boost general health and resistance to disease, while the prebiotic Inulin fiber from Jerusalem Artichokes or Chicory Roots slows sugar absorption, lowers glycemic impact, promotes colon health and improves regularity. These benefits can be amplified when combined with a healthy diet - believed by most nutrition professionals to be generous in fruits and vegetables and include lean meats, fish, whole-grain carbs, legumes, nuts and healthy oils.

Satisfies the sweet tooth with no unpleasant aftertaste

IS and have a great taste with a well-rounded sweetness and no unpleasant aftertaste. A sweet tooth should be so lucky to have this balanced blend of fruit and vegetable sugars along with spices to form a complex yet complementary flavor profile that impresses the palate. Add them to your favorite foods to brighten their sweetness without overwhelming the flavor - coffee, tea, cereal, nuts, yogurt, pancakes, or use in a favorite recipe. 

S2 has half the calories and sugar of other natural liquid sweeteners, while IS has half the calories of Table Sugar.

With today’s health-conscious foodies choosing lower sugar, both IS and make it easier to lose weight, help stick to a reduced calorie/sugar program and better manage the blood sugar/insulin interaction. IS has 2 grams of sugar per teaspoon and has 5 grams per Tablespoon. Excess sugar consumption is suspected of contributing to the obesity epidemic and the prevalence of Type II diabetes.

A significant source of fiber promotes digestive health.

IS and both have prebiotic fiber that promotes colon health, improves regularity, and lowers glycemic impact. IS has 1 gram of prebiotic fiber per teaspoon from Artichokes and has 4 grams of prebiotic fiber per Tablespoon from Chicory Roots.

Higher Potassium than Sodium aids electrolyte balance.

Both IS and support the body’s natural electrolyte balance with low sodium and a higher Potassium to Sodium ratio.

Original, Passion Fruit or Sweet Heat

S2 also comes in Passion Fruit and Sweet Heat flavors. Passion Fruit substitutes Passion Fruit juice concentrate for Plum juice concentrate; and in the Sweat Heat, Tabasco sauce replaces some of the Chicory Root Fiber and Cayenne Pepper and Black Pepper replace the Cinnamon.

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